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“noT all th0se who wAnder are Lost” : LOve day 2oI3


There is love to be found in all kinds of places, not just the conventional. Love is within each of us and we need to find the things which help us to bring it out in ourselves. It’s a journey.

Mind Heart Journeys


I’ve had fun playing in the snow in Geneva this week. I decided that the statue of Gandhi in the park needed a heart sculptured in ice. It took me three goes to lift that snowball up there. Better than a gym workout!

My life is my message too Gandhi.


Happy Love Day 2013




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Author: Crystal

Dreamer, dancer, eternal student, humanist and mental health advocate, Crystal dabbles in public service work to make a living into a life. New Zealand born, Australian based and recently returned from a three month internship with the World Health Organization in snowy Geneva, Switzerland.

14 thoughts on ““noT all th0se who wAnder are Lost” : LOve day 2oI3

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  2. I will definitely try to pay attention the next time my mind wanders. Great insight.

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  5. Your thoughts on a wandering mind change my perspective! :)

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  7. I love the quote about wandering mind – mine always wanders out of the window. Maybe I want to escape :)

  8. I love the heart sculpture!

    • Thank you :) I think it was one of the freest things I have ever done, walking home as the sun was setting I looked at Gandhi in the park and just decided that he should have a big heart made of snow. Actually the statue is rather large and the snowball is huge, at first I couldn’t lift it and had to make it slightly thinner to be able to heave it up on to him, above my head. It was so much fun :)

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